Algo's track record

In-depth analysis of Algo's accuracy over the previous gameweeks. Inspect how accurate our projections were on player or gameweek level, and also check out general stats.

Track record analysis

Below you can find a number of indicators that can help you determine how accurate Algo's projections were over time.

You can choose whether to display data for all players, for top 50 players based on total points or for top 100 players, also by total points. Alternatively, you can show data only for players averaging more than 4 points per game.

Please note that players with less than four games played this season are excluded from data. Excluded from data are also games that players didn't took part in, even though we made projections.

Players table

In this section, you can examine how accurate Algo's projections were on an individual player basis, both over the course of the season and per each gameweek.