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Analytics and projections for Fantasy Premier League

Foomni Analytics combines the love for football with the in-depth statistical approach of American fantasy games in the state-of-the-art projections algorithm, with the goal of improving your FPL score.

Our advanced technology dives in the ocean of data and stats, and returns with projections that can help you make better transfer and selection decisions.

In the artificial intelligence revolution, the best results are always achieved with the combination of human skill and machine data processing. Foomni is your best FPL data processor.

Foomni minileague

# Team Points
1 Lallanas in Pyjamas
2 Kafana bunch
3 A
4 jjFC
5 ExpectedToulouse
= Defengers!
7 st2clem
8 Deva Arsenal City
9 Hoffentyeim
= Angrelaget

Foomni minileague

# Team Points
1 BB 2
2 Lee Bowyers Red Army
3 rocking vet
4 PopeItLikeItsHart
5 Eaten HAZARD
6 Lingardium Leviosa
= Sweet Team Alabama
8 Beysher Beysher Jer
9 I Kanté Even

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We analyse

Our algorithm analyses several years worth of statistical data to make projections about player performance for each gameweek.

Each player is assessed individually and in relation with other players and teams.

We project

We use many statistical indicators, including player's past form, strengths of the teams involved in the fixture, team forms and even some advanced matchups, for example how a player plays against a certain opponent.

We are continually increasing the number of factors in our algorithm, and improving its precision.

We discover trends

Every week our algorithm identifies a number of critical information to look out for.

We know how each player tends to perform on Saturday morning, Monday night, or when that particular referee is officiating. The devil can easily hide in such details.

We index

Each player is indexed in six categories: influence on team's scoring, points-per-minute, usage rate, consistency, current form and points-per-pound. Based on that, the player is also given his overall index.

We even prepared radar charts familiar from video games so that you can know everything about a player with just a glance!

We rank

To get the full picture, we use three distinct player ranking systems: point ranking, point-per-game ranking and value ranking.

Point rank is based merely on player's historical or projected points scored. Points-per-game rank is there so injured, and new players in the league can be ranked appropriately. Value rank divides player's total points by his value, quickly showing you who gives the best value for money. Look out for those bargains that can make a difference!

Weekly teams

Dream team


Based on our projections, we select a dream team of eleven players that are expected to perform the best in current gameweek.

We expand on that with projecting optimal squads for current gameweek, as well as the next three, and the next five. These squads follow all selection rules, and can cost no more than £100m!

Constantly working

We are constantly tuning and upgrading both our algorithm's capabilities and features on the website.

Very soon you will be able to import your FPL team and get crucial advice on how to score more points, and what to look out for.

We are also working on proactively predicting the player's value change and much more!

Our track record

Even though we continuously strive to improve, we are proud of our track record since the start of the season.

Check out what our algorihtm projected for each of previous gameweeks.

Who are we

We are group of passionate football fans, with a years of experience in both playing and running fantasy football games.

We've started this project with primary goal of improving our own scores, but then decided to share our technology with everyone.

Come and meet us!