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Foomni Features

Compare tool

Head-to-head compare power index, rankings, stats, performance, projections and transfer trends of two players. Our verdict is based on all those factors and is meant to help you decide who is the better choice over the next five gameweeks.

Team to watch

Every week we select a Team to watch based on our algorithm's projections. Team to watch squads are picked to fit the £100m budget. There is also a Dream team which has no budget constraints.

Compare combinations

Pick two groups of up to five players and let our algorithm compare them and give verdict on which combination offers better chances of success.

Lineups predictor

Algorithm-predicted lineups for all games every gameweek, along with every player's chance to start. Predictions are made based on players' projected minutes and injury and selection news.

Match details

In-depth statistical analysis of every Premier League game. Check out lineups, overall team's performance, goal and FPl point scorers and best players over many useful stats.

Player commentary

Player previews and reviews during every gameweek, where our seasoned experts and algorithm together give you advice and comments about all popular players. Also included are injury reports.

Live centre

Follow live updates for goals, assist and in-depth stats, as well as points scored by your players as Gameweek unfolds. Get notifications and follow live what happens with clean sheets and bonus points. Add two rival teams for head-to-head following.

Foomni Power Index

We use six different categories to index a player's performance. They cover both short-term and long-term form and value. These six indices are then used to make a player's Power index - the best metric of player's current performance level.

Projected ranks

Players are ranked based on points projections for next one, three or five gameweeks, and for the remainder of the season. Search filters are available to inspect specific positions, price range or to easily find highly ranked differential players.

Statistical leaders

Best players in the league over eight statistical categories, like goals, shots on target, passing accuracy, connected crosses, dribbles, etc. Stats are displayed as total, per game and per 90 minutes.

Transfer activity

Transfer activity by FPL managers for current gameweek. Find most popular and most sold off players. Easily follow trends and look out for anomalies to gain the advantage in the transfer market.

Player Ranks

We use three distinct player ranking systems: point ranking indicates overall top scorers, point-per-game ranking tells us what players are the most efficient and value ranking gives us the best value for money.

Personalised index

*Requires free account
We index your FPL squad to calculate your very own Power index every week! Factors included in the index are strengths your players in each position, as well as team value, overall ranking and current form.

Squad evaluation

*Requires free account
Our algorithm evaluates all fifteen players in your FPL squad. Find out what's your strongest area, and who is the weak link to upgrade your decision making.

Squad benchmark

*Requires free account
Algorithm analyse your team to find out are you up to date with the latest FPL trends. Check how many of the most popular or in-form players right now are in your squad. Determine who might be good differential to keep.

Zombify squad

*Requires free account
No more wondering what would have happened if you just let your team on autopilot, and didn't do any transfers since Gameweek 1. Connect your squad, and we will tell you how many points they could've scored.

Gameweek facts

*Requires free account
Each week our algorithm selects some interesting facts about your players. Sometimes it‘s just interesting trivia, sometimes fun thing to share on social networks, but sometimes it can give you the edge!

Top 1000 watchdog

Compare what top 1000 FPL managers did differently than the rest in every gameweek. Check out the top 1000 template team, made of the most popular players among top managers. Browse ownership and team selection stats for every player.

Emergency room

List of all currently injured, suspended or unavailable players, together with their best alternatives according to our algorithm projections. Easily find the replacement for that injured player in your squad.

Fixture difficulties

The difficulty of upcoming seven fixtures for all players, provided in the colour-coded table. The difficulty is determined based on the opponent's power ranking.

Teams analysis

Premier League table expanded with detailed data about attacking and defensive forms of all teams, and data is given about how they perform against top-6 or bottom-14 opposition. Teams are also grouped by their performance over the past year.

Games analysis

Inspect all games played this season and how many FPL points were scored in them. Find out which teams score the most, and against whom.

Premium Features

Squad sandbox

Experiment with your squad to check how would different transfer decisions affect your projected points. See all alternatives for your players, together with their projected points. Let our algorithm optimise your squad and pick best eleven.

Transfer planner

Let our algorithm dive into your squad and suggest how to gradually improve your chances over the next five gameweek.s You are given ten best potential transfer pathways to follow, and immediately see how would that affect projected points.

Chip strategy

Our algorithm analyses your squad, available chips and gives recommendation what would be a good idea to use over the next five gameweeks.

Projected points

Browse projected FPL points for all players. Data is given for the next gameweek, next three gameweeks, next five gameweeks, and the entire season.

Advanced compare tool

Select two or more players, or groups of players, to comparatively analyse them. Add only stats categories you're interested in and set custom Gameweek scope. A great number of filters, stats and graphs are available.

Vizualize stats

Select up to six players and have their key statistical parameters displayed both numerically, as well as on radar and bar charts. Stats are divided into several groups, like attacking, defensive or set pieces.

Zoom player

In-depth analysis for every player of his projections and expected performance in all remaining games. In full detail learn how our algorithm made projections and what decision making was used.

Player development

Analyse player's performance over last 38 league games. A wide range of stats is available and presented in colourful charts, divided into seven groups, like goal threat, creativity or ball play.

Performance levels

Key performance indicators and point scoring for each player when playing against the selected level of opponent strength: top four, top six, mid-table, bottom half or relegation sides.

Mini-leagues assistant

Analyse your mini-league opponents, get to know what to expect from them, and identify their strengths & weaknesses. Use this tool to find good differential players for every mini-league.

Facts hunter

Full access to all the most interesting facts and trivia caught by our algorithm, about all players in the league. Search functionality is included for easy sweeping through players.

Ownership combinations

Select up to ten players, and analyse how popular this combination is among top 1000 and average managers. Improve your decision making by learning what player pairs or combinations top managers field.

Top 1000 benchmark

Compare your squad with Top 1000 FPL managers, and attempt to identify what are they doing differently than you. Potential transfers to improve your team are also suggested.

Teams in-depth

In-depth analysis of all Premier League teams. Inspect best players over a wide range of statistical categories, find predicted lineups for the next game, as well as the list of injured and unavailable players.

Teammates performance

Select a player, and analyse how the presence and absence of his teammates affect his performance. Gain knowledge who might be a good choice when his teammate is injured, and who needs to be dropped.

Advanced fixture difficulties

Thoroughly analysed difficulty of upcoming seven fixtures for all players, provided in the colour-coded table. The difficulty is determined based on a number of factors that may influence a particular player.