Foomni Analytics team

We are a group of passionate football fans, with years of experience in both playing and running fantasy football games.

Our journey started as an attempt to improve our own FPL scores, but we quickly decided it would be better to share our technology with everyone.

Except we don't want to simply share our numbers. We desire to build a go-to stats website for FPL, which is also transparent, continually improving, a friendly and active member of the growing fantasy community!

This is our story!

Marko Mitrovic

Chief Executive Officer

One summer Marko decided to become better fantasy player next season, so he did what every stats nerd with some programming skills would do: took a large pile of historical data he had and made an algorithm that projects future results.

This algorithm was quite good, so he decided to share it with other people, while at the same time continuing to improve it.

Marko is a Liverpool FC supporter.

Stevan Toncic

Chief Operating Officer

Remember when we said we have experience running fantasy games? That was, a reverse fantasy game Stevan and Marko made a couple of years back.

Already being partners there, it didn't take much convincing to get Stevan on board from day one. His analytical background and love for spreadsheets proved crucial in shaping our algorithm and features.

Stevan is another proud Kopite on board.

Stefan Lolic

Chief Technology Officer

We had our numbers, but we didn't have our product, and the tasks were piling up. We needed more hands on deck.

That's when Stefan joined our ranks. We've got a life-long football fan experienced in developing both websites and video games which could round up many rough edges we had.

Being an Arsenal fan, Stefan is used to suffering.

Vladimir Cuk

Chief Analytics Officer

When you try to further improve numbers, the help of somebody who made a name for himself as an analyst can come handy!

Fortunately for us, with Vladimir, our team got kind of a two-in-one deal. He is experienced with fine tuning analysing numbers around websites, but is also a seasoned fantasy player and football fan with some media experience.

His favourite football club is Millwall, so you better watch out!

Tijana Milanovic

Art Director

Once upon a time, this website was a little more than a pile of uninspiring spreadsheets, numbers and percentages. Then Tijana came on board and made it beautiful!

If you like what you see, she's the person to send kudos to.

We decided it's best not to disclose Tijana's football club preferences!

Algo the Algorithm

Before too long, we found out that we have too much data and numbers for a mere human to process, so we had to develop an AI to help us.

What started as a collection of 0s and 1s quickly proven invaluable to our project, so we had to name it and promote it to the proper member of our team. This is how Algo came to life!

Algo is more interested in taking over the world than in supporting football cubs.