Jimenez, Ryan, van Aanholt, Pulisic and Ings are our picks for this gameweek, with 33 projected points between them.

Welcome to the this week’s Foomni Five-a-Side squad, picked jointly by Algo and our staff. The rules are simple: one player in each position plus a captain which cannot be a goalkeeper!

Matt Ryan

Goalkeeper, Brighton, £4.7m

Well, on the surface this is an odd one. Manchester United are looking good, and it will be a small miracle if Ryan keeps the ball out of his net. But Algo thinks points will come from elsewhere. He is projected to make 5.6 saves and earn 0.5 bonus points, and this is not without a precedent. In GW12 Brighton lost 3-0 to the same opponent, but Matt made 9 saves and got 3 bonus points. In a gameweek without obvious goalkeeping choice, you may test your luck with him!

Projected points: 4.1

Patrick van Aanholt

Defender, Crystal Palace, £5.6m

Mister 5.6. At the time of writing, his price is £5.6m, is owned by 5.6% managers and is projected to score 5.6 points. Liverpool game aside, both Palace and van Aanholt are great forms, and against Burnley, there is a decent chance of both clean sheet and goal involvement for the full-back. A possible issue is long-term, given that except for Aston Villa in GW35, Palace play remaining games against sides fighting for the Champions League spot.

Projected points: 5.6

Christian Pulisic

Midfielder, Chelsea, £6.9m

Knee-jerk pick? Possibly, but Christian is off to a flying restart of the season, and can’t be overlooked anymore. With most top-level midfielders playing against each other this weekend, this could be his chance to shine against struggling West Ham. Next five fixtures are also looking very good. The biggest issue with Pulisic? Minutes. It’s all up to Frank.

Projected points: 8.0

Raul Jimenez (C)

Forward, Wolves, £8.3m

Here we go again. The only change from the previous article is that his price rose by £0.3m, and it is not by accident, given his excellent return in the last two games. Aston Villa defence is playing like their PlayStation controller is broken, and Jimmy is the top man to exploit that. Given Wolves decent schedule and incentive to fight for European places, Jimenez is currently a set-and-forget option.

Projected points: 7.6

Danny Ings

Forward, Southampton, £7.2m

Ings failed to give some return in the last game, but Algo is not losing faith in him. Watford are looking increasingly well, but he should be able to unlock that defence. Ings is still a top overall projection for the remainder of the season, but with Southampton survival now looking a done deal, he might get rested along the way.

Projected points: 7.4